Jan 20, 2015

Your Turkish Home Away From Home: Grand Hyatt Istanbul

Your Turkish Home Away From Home: Grand Hyatt Istanbul When...








Your Turkish Home Away From Home: Grand Hyatt Istanbul

When planning my trip to Istanbul I wanted to make sure I stayed somewhere centrally located to make the most of my time. Luckily for me, Grand Hyatt Istanbul invited me to their 5 star hotel during my trip.

As I mentioned when traveling location is always the first thing when I select my accommodation. The location must be close to public transportation, night life, restaurants, and be in a safe neighborhood. Grand Hyatt Istanbul covers all of these and more with their in house Grand Hyatt 34 restaurant offering a vast selection of fresh delicacy prepared daily by a chef who has a passion for food. And if you’re like who likes to over indulge in good food, you’ll be happy to know there is also a tennis court, outdoor pool, and gym to help you burn off some of the many turkish delights you’re bound to enjoy. Plus there is a sauna and even an authentic turkish hamami to help you relax after burning off those calories.

Incase you need some ideas on where to visit before relaxing in bed, you can see my experience of Istanbul during January and make sure to check out Grand Hyatt’s Instagram or search their hashtag, #LivingGrand.

To learn more about Grand Hyatt and Grand Hyatt Istanbul, check out their Facebook page too. They’re always updating with new events in hotel and around the world.

I was told Istanbul is even more lovely in the spring and fall, but even though I was freezing (outfit suggestion). I wouldn’t pass up visiting Istanbul during the winter for a chance at a less crowded gem. Whatever your choice is, have a great time exploring with Grand Hyatt Istanbul.


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