Oct 05, 2015

The Braun Series Releases Their Most Efficient and Comfortable Shaver

Who: The German consumer product company just released their latest...


Who: The German consumer product company just released their latest and most advance hair removal device.

What: The series 9 is the most efficient and comfortable shaver from the Braun family. It is stated to perform 40% better than the previous series 7 model. The intelligent SyncroSonic Technology delivers 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute, which will bring outstandingly thorough shave and amazing skin comfort.

When: In-stores now

Where: Buy here

Why: The overall look of the series 9 shaving unit is very attractive. Everything from the design down to the self cleaning function has been elevated from the previous models. I was let down by the fact that on coarse hair the Braun 9 doesn’t work the best. This unit works well for creating a 5 o’clock shadow on coarse hair, but not for getting a close shave. However, I will say on straighter, less coarse hair this shaver really gets the the job done. The wet/dry function helps when you are pressed for time and need to get everything done in the shower. The self-cleaning system takes away the headache and frustration when it comes now to remembering to clean the unit for that next shave. However, the $400 price point could present hesitation with customers.IMG_0964IMG_0978IMG_0992IMG_1014IMG_1043IMG_1072

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