Apr 13, 2014

The Grimsby Craft by Clarks: Weaving style into men’s footwear

As I examined the men’s shoes collections arriving in stores...

As I examined the men’s shoes collections arriving in stores for the Spring/Summer 2014 season, I was immediately drawn to the Grimsby Craft shoes by British footwear maker Clarks. Combining a focus on the company’s own heritage (in the form of a lace-up Derby model from the Clarks archives) with contemporary design touches such as an upper made from woven leather and a stacked-effect heel finished with a contrasting outsole, the Grimsby Craft suggested an elegant reinterpretation of tradition that had me wanting to get hold of a pair without hesitation.

Photograph © The Style Examiner / João Paulo Nunes

Whereas the Grimbsy Craft is available in Clarks stores in only two colours (tan or stone), I found out that it was also offered in black as a limited-edition web exclusive, which I swiftly ordered. After I received them in the post, I was pleased with how the raised woven leather created a nicer and shinier textured finish than the one captured in the photographs on the website. After wearing the shoes a few times, and securing several compliments from friends, what impressed me the most was how comfortable they were. If it normally takes me a few days to break new shoes in, this is avoided in the Grimbsy Craft owing to its leather lining and rubber soles that protect the foot and provide a cushioning effect from the first moment you wear them.
Overall, this is an excellent choice if you are looking for a stylish alternative to formal shoes. My recommendation would be not to wear these with front-creased trousers or suits, but they go perfectly with jeans and with separates such as matched casual trousers and blazers.





Photograph © The Style Examiner / João Paulo Nunes

Unless otherwise specified, photographs are courtesy of Clarks

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