Jun 19, 2015

3 Rules for Pulling Off Paisley Prints

Wondering how to pull off paisley, the season's trickiest print? Here are 3 simple rules to follow.


During the spring/summer you can practically spot the paisley pattern everywhere from: socks, bathing suits (swim trunks), shirts, sport coats and neckties. Even when you don’t think the pattern is on trend….paisley is there. The teardrop design that started in ancient Iran and landed in the Scottish town under the same name, Paisley has now become a year-round design. Due to its psychedelic design and colors, paisley had a lot of popularity during amongst the hippies in the 60’s. Now you will find more business professionals embracing the design throughout the office.

Keys to Wearing Paisley


  1. When in doubt, keep your look tonal, let the design be the focus. Take one color and build on it.
  2. Scarve, neckties and pocket squares are perfect when experimenting with paisley
  3. Some paisleys incorporate too many colors and can be overwhelming. Instead, opt for something more muted, to make it more approachable.



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Sir Shane Miller // @SirShaneMiller

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