Feb 11, 2013

Rainy Day Blues

Rainy Day Blues New York Fashion week has descended upon...




Rainy Day Blues

New York Fashion week has descended upon the city and rain, snow, or “blizzard,” the show must go on. Before the heavy snow set it on Day 2, I spent the rainy/hail-y morning with my friend Serena making our way from show to show. I’ll be the first to admit that dressing for less than perfect weather is not the most fun. How do you put your best foot forward when it’s cold and wet outside? Luckily for guys, it’s not as hard compared to girls. I layered up with a denim jacket that fit nicely under my waterproof parka. The hood and the hat were lifesavers too since my umbrella was no match for the wind on the west side. Why fight an inevitably bad hair day when you can just give in and wear something stylish on your head instead? Here’s some quick snaps from our “sleet style” shoot during our busy day.

Hat - Club Monaco

Jacket - Topman

Denim Jacket - Levi’s

Shirt - J.Crew

Tie - Frank & Oak

Pants - Levi’s

Shoes - Red Wing

Written & Styled by Anthony, Photographed by Serena


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