Sep 25, 2013

Oxblood Leather Is Better

KC by Kill City Vegan Leather Moto Jacket - Urban...


KC by Kill City Vegan Leather Moto Jacket - Urban Outfitters

Take a look at your wardrobe and answer this question, "does most of my leather footwear and outerwear consist of black or brown?" If the answer is an overwhelming YES, it's time to diversify! This feature may be your introduction to the color, Oxblood. Don't be alarmed by the name oxblood because there isn't actually any actual "ox blood" in the coloring. Oxblood in theory is a deep shade of red that has some hues of purple that adds a richness that you won't find in your Corvette red.

Most guys avoid wearing colors outside of the blue/grey/black spectrum because they just don't understand them. Oxblood is a great introduction to amping up your leathers because of it gives the appropriate level of pop without screaming "LOOK AT ME" to everyone.

Dressed Down Style Tips:

  • Leather jackets look great when pair with formal pieces. Ditch the moto boots and pair your oxblood leather jacket with a pair of captoe dress shoes.
  • Keep a part of the look dressed down either with denim or a t-shirt.
  • Don't take the jacket off (unless you're going to work). More than likely you're headed out to chill with friends and this jacket is a statement piece that shouldn't be put down.


Oxblood At The Office


Wool Chalk Stripe Suit - Jack Wills

Leather dress shoes in oxblood add a whole level of elegance that you do always get from a brown dress shoe. In menswear circles, you'll hear the term "go-to-hell" in reference to funky pants and blazer, but, I considered an Oxblood shoes the conservative person's Go-To-Hell piece. Standing out in the right way, these deep red leather shoes cast a bad-ass shadow on their brown counterparts.

Dressed Up Style Tip:

  • As with dressing down, oxblood complements navy very well.
  • Keep a nice shine on them. Scuffs are the enemy.
  • Brings them out in the summer time with a pair of white jeans or cotton trouser. The contrast is extreme, but, looks great every time.
  • When possible, add a piece to your outfit that matches the shoes, but, keep them far apart. For example in this look, the tie is the exact color as the shoes and conveniently far a part.


The Brando Oxblood Captoe - Pauls Evans

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