Jul 01, 2015

We Found the Ultimate No-Show Socks for Summer

Not quite ready to embrace the sockless trend? Fear not: We found you the ultimate pair of no-show socks to wear with loafers, dress shoes, and slip-ons all summer long.


If you are going to embrace summer then do it in a pair of no show socks from Taft. Taft (@Taft_) creator, Kory Steven developed a great way for customers to pull off that classic sock-less look without actually have to going sock-less. We've saved our loyal readers the time and tested a pair of these quality socks out with various types of loafers, and they stayed secure during each trial.


Honestly, don't waste your time and money trying out those other "no-show" "non-slip" socks that are on the market. Hit the town, work or summer wedding without the worry of your socks finding their way off your feet by purchasing a pair of Taft socks.

Photo credit

J. Alex Sanchez // @Zander_X



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