Sep 10, 2015

Two Solid and Simple Workouts For The Coming Winter Season

Just because we are hitting the end of summer doesn’t...

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Just because we are hitting the end of summer doesn’t mean you have to stop working out. Yeah it may be difficult once the weather starts to drop, but that is why you should have a solid and simple fitness go tos. Your go to routine or exercises is your foolproof way of being able to still get in a quality workout where ever you are. It doesn’t have to be crazy long or super short, it should be just enough for you to feel great afterwards. Here are my two go to exercises:

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Your city is one big track, take advantage of that. Invest is a good pair of running shoes, proper running attire, make a playlist and get to it. I like to throw in jumping rope and shadow boxing for variety when I am running to keep my body guessing. I never forget my Basis Peak fitness tracker. This is easy to use fitness tracker is designed to help you get fit, sleep better, and stress less.

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Adding Resistance

If it is a bit too chilly out and maybe the gym to too far away, investing in a set of weighted resistance bands would be smart. I own a pair of Bodylastics resistance bands and they work well on their own or assisting to my free weight work out in the gym. I recently invested in wearable resistance gear called, Physiclo. Physiclo introduces activewear with resistance technology built into the fabric panels to help people of all fitness levels target muscle groups more effectively and reach fitness goals quicker. Integrated resistance elements arranged within a dynamic compression system make up Physiclo core technology, pushing the body to work harder, increasing muscle activation and enhancing caloric burn.

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See short and sweet. This is how you should treat your workouts when time isn’t on your side. Fall is approaching which means holiday eating is not too far away. Start developing your go-to exercises and routines now before you get mistaken for ol’ Saint Nick.

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