May 21, 2014

Models Pose In Freedom Reigns Underwear & More Model Instagram Pics

This week in our underwear model social media roundup, we...

Freedom Reigns Underwear

This week in our underwear model social media roundup, we were treated with a shot of Colby Melvin and many other of your favorite models hanging out atop of a hill for what is presumingly a project for Freedom Reigns underwear. How many models can you name?

Colby was also busy taking part of a 90s party. We’ve seen him dressed up as a troll before. How could he top that? Well, by dressing up as a multicolored Lisa Frank character, that’s how. Yep, matching rainbow spotted underwear with rainbow spotted body paint.

Following in some of sort of wild theme, Zachary Koval snapped a pic of himself hanging out in the wilderness. His choice of attire? Long underwear. Who knew they were so durable?

Check out more model social media pics below. Who should we be following on social media? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Edward Wilding needs a drink!
Jon Varak parties with a friend.
Garrett Neff looking "sew" chic.
Ollie Peake poses in white briefs.
Steven Dehler drives cars in Pump! underwear.
When Rodiney Santiago brushes his teeth, this is how he looks.
Derek Allen Watson poses window side in Baskit.
Adam Dawda's sunrise tank.
XVII sent Johna Myers over some underwear. What do you think?
Rob Evans poses with Madonna.
Barret Pall Showing off his black briefs.
How many models can you spot in Freedom Reigns underwear?
Zachary Koval spends sometime in the wilderness in long underwear.
Simon Sherry-Wood is team Courtney.
Daniel Garofali gets wet in a throwback pic.
Don Hood photo inception.
Joshua Michael Brickman gets lost in the woods.
Guess the model? Here's a hint: It's Cheddy O!
Stephen James loves his new costar...the dog!
Just another weekend at the pool for the boys of Andrew Christian and company.
Colby Melvin throwsback to Lisa Frank.
Going to the gym with Murray Swanby.
Dusty St. Amand hanging out in the New York sun.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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