Jun 06, 2014

Late Nights, Early Mornings

To put it rather plainly, I don’t sleep much. There...

To put it rather plainly, I don’t sleep much. There are many reasons why – late nights, early morning, a combination of both – but the bottom line is I’m awake far more than I’m asleep. The majority of our readers are at an age where sleep takes a back seat to a variety of other things. Again, there are many reasons why we don’t sleep as much as we probably should but there is no excuse to look like you haven’t slept the next day.

It’s fitting that this article is going up on a Friday. I’m not going to tell you to pass up fun for sleep – it’s never my place to suggest such a thing. And besides, I don’t take that advice myself. Instead, I’m going to make some suggestions that will help you get through the next day. Two of the suggestions are Kiehl’s products, and one is an addiction of mine.  They will not only help you feel more alert, but they will make you look alert and thus will help you trick everyone into thinking you’re very well rested.

The first product is Kiehl’s Eye Alert. Throw some of this along the lower part of your orbital bone -that bone right under your eyes – first thing in the morning.  I won’t get into the science behind the product because, to be honest, I don’t understand it. All I know is that it is cool when I apply it and it wakes me up.  It then energizes and moisturizes the skin which tightens it and gets rid of the bags under your eyes. Besides an alarm clock, this should be your first step on every morning that comes too early.


The second products is my secret weapon.  Small enough to fit in your pocket, Keihl’s Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer does exact what you’d expect it to do and then some. As you would assume, this will reduce puffiness around your eyes like the Eye Alert does. It works like a glue stick and is applied on the same part of the face as the the Eye Alert. The great thing about this is that it is also infused with caffeine so it honestly perks you up upon application.  On tired days, I will reach for this once an hour and it really does help.


Finally, and most controversially, on an early morning I need my Red Bull. There are many views on energy drinks. I get that they aren’t the best for me and my heart, but there are some days when coffee just doesn’t have the power to get me going. In those situations, and a few others, I reach for Red Bull. It comes in three different sizes and now offers four different flavours so you’ll find the right can for you. So if you ever find that coffee can’t kick you into gear, Red Bull will certainly do the job.

Red Bull We are the generation of little sleep. We don’t do it intentionally, we are just lucky enough to live in a world that is far more exciting than sleep is. We refuse to sacrifice sleep for experiences and fun and I believe that is the right choice. All that being said, if I hear comments the next day about how tired I look, I’ve failed. Those I work and study with might lose confidence in me if I constantly look exhausted. That’s why I use these product to fool them and continue to be productive regardless of how well rested I am. So don’t pass up fun tonight, but look alert tomorrow.

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