Jun 27, 2014

Function & Form: Wallets edition

Wallets are accessories that have a double function: they serve...

Wallets are accessories that have a double function: they serve not only as a style statement, as, yes, even your wallets describes your inner self, but they have a strong practical component as well, which is to carry your essentials, such as money, credit cards and other important assets.


Since these two factors are strongly correlated, a wallet is the expression of the phrase “form follows function”, which is a principle highly connected not only with architecture, but also with (industrial) design. What it means is that the design of an object (or a building) should follow the purpose it is intended to serve. This might sound obvious, but how often did you see an item and thought were quite uncomfortable using it?


Coming back to wallets, a wallet needs to be practical and keep your belongings safely.


Recess wallets


However, even though your everyday wallet needs to be practical and extremely versatile, it does not have to be boring. Practicality and great designs can work hand in hand. Sometimes, it might be hard to find an item that has both, but that’s not always the case. For example, Recess is a brand that has taken on as a mission the idea of offering a series of unique, high-quality, but affordable wallets. They have launched a Kickstarter project for their wallets, which you can support with a minimum pledge of $1. They have developed an array of youthful pieces that are both fun and mature.

We like Recess, as their products feature most of the important characteristics an everyday wallet should own.


Features of a wallet

black and white wallet

Even though the outside design of this Recess wallet is great, we like the interior just as much, as it completes the wallet.

A good wallet needs to be accessible, practical and elegant at the same time. For a man who is always on the go, a wallet should be the following:

  • Slim
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use


Here are the reasons why the form of the wallet should follow these three functions:


Slim -  A wallet needs to be slim, as for somebody who is very dynamic, it should be easily placed in any pocket of any type of pants. As we wrote in our article on choosing pants, which we published a while ago, there is no need in dramatically changing the shape of your pants by bulking up the pockets with unnecessary things. The reason for this is not only an aesthetic one, as having your pockets stuffed doesn’t do you any favors stylewise, but also from a practical point of view; as bulky pockets will make you feel uncomfortable, and comfort is one of the main rules of fashion.


urban cowboy wallet

A very versatile, yet modern wallet


Versatile – Since this article is referring to everyday wallets, it is highly important that your wallet should be a versatile one. A versatile piece is a piece that will go with almost anything. Your wallet needs to go with a variety of clothes and styles and should match the image you wish to project. You won’t be taken very seriously if you pull out a Looney Tunes wallet when you are handing out your business card at a job interview. The trick to making sure your wallet is versatile is to purchase one that follows the following guidelines:

1. It has simple shapes and lines

2. It is made from a versatile fabric, such as leather or canvas

3. It comes in a neutral color (or a color that you can accessorize easily) such as white, black, beige, brown, tan, ivory, khaki, navy blue, etc.


Easy to use – Accessing your money, credit cards and other important things in an easy way is key. For your overall attitude, it is very important to be able to take out what you need, when you need it. Before deciding on a wallet, think about the following factors:

Sundial_Recess (1)1. What do I need to put in it? Some people use mostly credit cards and very few bills, so they don’t need much room for bills, but they do need a lot of card slots, while others use lots of bills and even coins. Always make sure that your wallet has the compartments you need. Remember that it’s the wallet that needs to fit your needs, not vice versa

2. How do the things I want to put in it look? Depending on your location, there are different ways in which the things you will be putting in your wallet will look. Some countries have bigger bills, others have fewer or smaller, while in some parts of the world coins is the most common way to go. Make sure that you can easily organize the things you need in order to always be able to pull out what you need



To conclude, we need to state that the best wallet is the one that is best for you, but, if you follow a few guidelines when it comes to choosing a wallet, you will make a better choice and therefore have an overall better experience using it. The rules presented in this guide are guidelines which you can choose to follow or not, we always encourage everyone to affirm their own ideas and styles, but we know that, whichever type of wallet you wish to buy for everyday use, if you use these tips, you will make the right choice!


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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P.S. What features are you looking for when you are buying a wallet? What type(s) of wallet(s) do you own? Share your comments, questions or feedback below and don’t forget that you can follow us via e-mail or on our social media!


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