Aug 28, 2015

Transitional Menswear to Embrace the Coming Fall

Dressed in a State of Morality Dr Martens embraces #StandForSomething...







Dressed in a State of Morality

Dr Martens embraces #StandForSomething and asked me what this means to me. More than just style, to me to stand for something is to never forget your moral and where you came from even after getting a bit lost in life.

There is much to say about why I think morals are important for me when I say I stand for something. I grew up in a small town of only 12,000 population, rather lower income and have since for the past 5 years lived in large cities such as New York and Berlin. Getting caught up with city lifestyle, I find standing for my morals that I grew up with are what get me ahead in life and help me make friends. One can easily get lost discovering these new places and forget their past, but to stand for something to me is not forget your past. Rather build upon foundation.

Mixing Dr Martens classic low boot with cargo jeans and a button down shirt, I think this is my take on mixing alternative with my traditional style. Something that isn’t all black, but still feels a bit grungy.

photographer: Jacqueline

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Shoes: Dr Martens/ Shirt: Farah/ Jeans: American Eagle/ Sunglasses: R.T.C.O / Watch: Shore Projects/ Bracelet: Men in Cities/ Cuff: George Frost

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