Jan 26, 2015

Death Becomes Him

Fashion is a mirror of our life; it expresses our...

Fashion is a mirror of our life; it expresses our darkest wishes and desires and always reflects the different stages of life. Thom Brown 2015 fall/winter collection was recently presented during Paris fashion week, while creating a dark and morbid theatrical moment.

10941833_10152523085007461_1027363965472203192_n The mourners’ headpieces were brilliantly designed by milliner Stephen Jones and the show’s scenario was about a character named Michael, who lives and dies in complete harmony with himself, and is then honored in death by his friends and relatives.

103178_960nStyle.com reports that the inspiration was the title of the current Costume Institute’s exhibition: Death Becomes Her: A Century of Mourning Attire. But Thom Browne and his team did not go there at all. No preconceptions for the creation of a new collection, just the title.

A requiem for a suit.

thom-browne01 thom-browne02 thom-browne05 thom-browne06 thom-browne09 thom-browne10 thom-browne14 thom-browne16 thom-browne18 thom-browne20 thom-browne26 thom-browne29 thom-browne32 thom-browne35 thom-browne36 thom-browne38 thom-browne41 thom-browne42

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