Aug 28, 2015

Sophisticated Wooden Accessories For Your Apple Products

Source: Grovemade It seems like living in San Francisco has...

Source: Grovemade

Source: Grovemade

It seems like living in San Francisco has made me a full-blown Apple fan boy. Since my move in 2010, I’ve accumulated six Apple devices - a Macbook air, Airport Express, iMac, iPhone 6, Airport Extreme, and iPad. Thanks goodness some of those items are company-issued (oh how my wallet would cry otherwise).

Anyhow, this post isn’t to talk about my obvious sickness, but instead to introduce a pretty cool company for those who own a bunch of Apple devices like myself. It’s called Grovemade, and they specialize in wooden accessories and stands for your Apple products.


Yes, these wooden pieces aren’t cheap. But hey, sometimes you want the best for your phone, computer, or whatever. I’m particularly a fan of their iPhone dock and monitor stand. Just putting it out there in case you’re a fan of that modern wood + aluminum look that I’m personally fond of. Looks scrumptious.


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