Jan 30, 2013

After Ratio Clothing, There’s No Turning Back

I won’t go back; you can’t make me. Shoddy construction,...

Ratio ClothingI won’t go back; you can’t make me. Shoddy construction, cheap fabric, and questionable working conditions are all that’s left of that world. I think it’s time we see other people. Frankly, it’s you, not me. Off-the-rack shirts: we’re over. I’m going steady with Ratio Clothing.

Before things start getting too PG-13, I need to tell you about this world-changing company called Ratio Clothing. They’ve been around for a while now and developed a pretty solid cult following. People swear by them. I reached out to Ratio Clothing and they agreed to make me a shirt so I could see what all the fuss was about. So, first of all, I log into their website and choose a grey oxford–easy enough. When you select a shirt, there are places for you to put in your measurements, and I do it. Then, you start choosing everything from cuff type, collar type, monogram options, back pleats, pocket or no pocket, and placket type. It’s nuts, and a whole lot of fun. They also give you a description about the options so you aren’t picking random stuff.

So far, all this stuff is pretty standard for custom internet clothiers. However, Ratio has an option that made me break into a slow clap: extra long shirt length, with slim fit. The shirt length is such an amazing idea, especially because I’m 6’6” and my shirts are never long enough, until Ratio Clothing. Some other custom clothiers have come close, but not like Ratio. Tall, thin guys take heed.

Ratio Clothing

My only real complaints with the shirt is that the extra buttons are sewn on the outside of the placket, rather than the inside. I think that’s a little odd, but I’m usually a shirt-tucker, so it doesn’t bother me. It might bother some folks though. In addition, the buttons are very tight and could use a little bit more thread wrapped around the shank of the button to make using them easier. I suspect this will loosen up over time, and I suppose it’s better than a loose, dangly button.

Ratio Clothing

The possibilities with Ratio Clothing are pretty much endless. You can make your perfect shirt at the best quality. Unlike some other custom online clothiers who use poor materials and questionable ethical practices, you can rest assured that Ratio Clothing is using mostlyaAmerican materials assembled by American workers. In a world where American craftsmanship is dying off, I’m glad to know that there’s some guys out there keeping the flame burning.

Ratio Clothing

The grey oxford I picked up is one of those timeless basics that look good on pretty much anyone in any circumstance. However, I prefer to wear these oxford button-downs in casual everyday situations. Here’s one way you could use it.

Ratio Clothing

After wearing Ratio Clothing, there’s no turning back to the rack. If you want to build your wardrobe around perfectly-fitting basics that will never go out of style, I strongly suggest you consider Ratio Clothing.

Have you used Ratio Clothing before? Would you consider them if you haven’t? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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