Feb 01, 2013


It’s no secret to anyone with eyeballs and any sort...

It’s no secret to anyone with eyeballs and any sort of moral compass that we live in a society of over-consumption. We want, need, and crave new things. We envy those who have them and “Is that an iPhone 3GS?” those who don’t. Things, stuff, shit; whatever your prefernce for label, it’s everywhere and in a growing number of circles, it’s everyone.

I’m not here to preach about the dangers that owning too much stuff bode for our society (of which I’m sure there are many), though. If I did that there wouldn’t be a Man Up, since it is in fact nothing more than a collection of all my things (with brilliantly crafted commentary). What I am going to do though is 1. Say happy New Year (Happy New Year!) 2. Show pictures of my most recent acquisitions and 3. Speak to the fact that I’ve tried to be more selective regarding my purchases (hence the intro).

photo 2

When I first started paying attention to what I was draping over my body I was in the sixth grade and had just gotten my first ‘dress shirt’ and pair of glasses, simultaneously; which let’s face it, is the perfect sartorial catalyst for any closeted pre pub. For the next two years strategically placed dress shirts became my staple, until the eigth grade when I stumbled across layered polos.

photo 1

Fast forward to my first year of university and I was buying every sweater and plaid shirt Value Village had to offer. It was my grudge hipster-chic period and nothing could stop me. Brown stains? It’s just character! Itching sensation? Dang that moisturizer! Fourth time catching crabs? It must be from having all the sex!


Within the year though, I’ve started to refine my wardrobe how one might their palette, by exposing it to delicacies like ‘new’ clothing and 100% wool – but you know what they say, you can take the guy out of the hipster cat-embroidered synthetic cotton/rayon 50/50  blend pullover, but you can’t the hipster out of the guy.

American Apparel pea coat / Club Monaco deer skin gloves / Vintage monk strap shoes

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