May 21, 2015

Mark McNairy and Garrett Leight's New Collaboration Will Make You Feel Like a Badass

Stamped on the inside of these frames by Garrett Leight and Mark McNairy are a few badass slogans, including McNairy's signature 'Taking Care of Motherfucking Business.'

garrett-leight-california-optical-x-mark-mcnairy-2015-spring-summer-pinehurst-collection-02 garrett-leight-california-optical-x-mark-mcnairy-2015-spring-summer-pinehurst-collection-03 garrett-leight-california-optical-x-mark-mcnairy-2015-spring-summer-pinehurst-collection-04Garrett Leight and American designer Mark McNairy have partnered to design a new sunglass and eyeglass frames for the season. The new “Pinehurst” is a limited-edition, unisex frame that are available in sun and eye glasses. It is available in three styles, a dark gray, navy blue and a tortoise shell pattern.

Inside the arms of the frames are the following inscriptions, “Veni Vidi Vici” (“I came, I saw, I conquered” in Latin) on the left. While McNairy’s signature “TCMB” (which stands for “Taking Care of Motherf*cking Business”) motto is stamped on the tip of both sides.


Available online at GLCO.

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