Jul 18, 2013

7 Shades To Stop The Sun’s Rays

It’s about to get shady… As I stare at the...

shieldinsunnies It’s about to get shady…

As I stare at the weather widget on my desktop, the only thing I can focus on is that there will be a high of 98 degrees today and tomorrow. Personally I’m not a huge sunglasses guy because I wear actual prescription glasses to make it through the world. It’s dog days like this where you might have to give up your sight and protect those peepers from that sun ya’ll. You can totally buy those $5 ones from the guy on the corner, but if you’re reading this I’ll assume you have sense and check out one of my picks below.

Left to Right:
1. Electric Knoxville XL
2. Thom Browne Metal Round-Frame
3. IVI x Huf Collab
4. Gant Rugger Wolfie
5. Fossil Michael Vintage
6. Saint Laurent Paris Classic Aviator
7. Warby Parker Winston

Stay safe out there kids.

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