Oct 30, 2014

7 Men’s Products to Keep you Looking Fresh

7 Men’s Products Keeping you Look Fresh No matter your...



7 Men’s Products Keeping you Look Fresh

No matter your age, men it is important to take care of your skin, both your face and body. We all want to look our best but before getting dressed our skin is the most import. I’ve been using Baxter of California for the last five months and have seen a significant change in my skin.

Now I’m not suggesting spending an hour a day in the restroom taking care of your skin, but an extra 5 minutes a day split between your morning and evening shower will make a drastic difference. Baxter of California has made it simple to clean up and moisturize daily.

Starting with their daily face wash quickly done in the shower at least once a day, then followed by their herbal mint toner (applied with cotton rounds) and finished with their oil free moisturizer. Simple and to the point. Now to get the extra definition all our pores need, it’s important to include facial scrub and clay mask (10 - 15 minute application) each at least twice a week. Then bam! Just like that your face is refreshed from all of the daily toxins that our faces are exposed to.

Lastly we can’t forget about our body, Baxter has us covered here as well with their vitamin body cleansing bar that comes in three pretty awesome smells and then finishes us off with their slight musk smell hand and body moisturizer. Making for a refreshed silky smooth body anybody would be happy around.

Quick round up of products discussed:

  1. Daily face wash
  2. Herbal mint toner
  3. Oil free moisturizer
  4. Facial scrub
  5. Clay mask
  6. Vitamin cleansing bar
  7. Hand and body moisturizer

You can find all these online at: Baxter of California. Stay fresh guys!


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