Jan 30, 2015


​What is more dependable and portable than a jump rope?...


​What is more dependable and portable than a jump rope? Nothing, that's what.  It's the most desirable and well rounded workout piece that fits universally in any clutch, brief, or messenger bag that you've donned for the day. You mean to say you can target your coordination, cardio, and muscle definition whenever and wherever you want? Sounds like a win to me.

It's no secret that you don't need to be the most tech 'bro' in the gym to be the most fit. What it boils down to is your own personal endeavours and dedication to a healthy lifestyle.  The right tools and the right attitude are key, and a jump rope can still be stylish, like the leather and wood-handle one we've featured by Everlast. 

That being said, there is nothing more aggravating than a rogue dangling ear bud to throw off your crossover skip rhythm.  If you're going to be springing up and down with any intention of a grindstone workout you'll need some stability in your ears, feeding you that empowering drum line.


Who inspires a beat better than Dre.?  ​The Beats By Dre powerbeats2 are now wireless.  Not only do they curl around you ear and hold firmly into place, they delivers the most powerful and crisp sound on the market.  With wireless ability you can defy tucked-under-shirt cords or evade jump rope snag which is an ethereal liberty.  With 6 hours of battery charge there's nothing to make you skip a beat (pun intended). Besides, who can skip for longer than 6 hours - ain't nobody got time for that!