Nov 19, 2014

Winter Outerwear Essentials #1 - The Waxed Jacket It’s a fact...

Winter Outerwear Essentials #1 - The Waxed Jacket It’s a...










Winter Outerwear Essentials #1 - The Waxed Jacket

It’s a fact that most menswear enthusiasts (myself included) stand by the premise that Winter attires are much richer and appealing than their Summery counterparts. No matter how much you love the sun and the roughness of linen or seersucker, nothing beats the luxurious feel and draping of cashmere or the superb depth layering adds to each attire, allowing unmatched pattern and texture combinations that make the overall result that more striking. To celebrate Winter in all its glory, I decided to put together a series showcasing the essential outerwear pieces you’ll need to face the season.

The first entry revolves around the timeless waxed jacket: a classic choice when it comes to fend off rain, this British trademark draws its origins from the countryside and hunting universes. Images of the British Royal family on hunting grounds, sporting waxed jackets over tweed suits, have become iconic style inspirations for the modern man, as did those of Steve Mcqueen riding his bike with effortless coolness. Barbour and Belstaff deliver some of the most popular and sought of models, featuring different lengths and details such as additional pockets, belts, contrasting linings or corduroy applications. Waxed jackets should be considered as the final layer in a look rather than a go to outerwear piece, since they are usually lightweight and deprived of warm linings, so be ready to amp your layering game. Their rugged yet sophisticated nature, makes them versatile enough to be worn with a pair of jeans, but also presents a brilliant way to complement more polished attires.

On this example I’m wearing one of my favourite all rounders, a unique waxed cotton parka from Our Legacy. An unusual interpretation of the waxed jacket, this lightweight version keeps on heavy rotation from Autumn to Spring. The beautiful moss green shade along with exquisite details such as leather drawstrings, double side pockets, adjustable cuffs and fitted hood, exudes a rugged elegance that seamlessly matches both casual and more formal attires. While the vintage fabric shirt and tie pick the overall earthy tones of the parka, the grey cardigan and trousers add some contrast and texture, further highlighted by the camel scarf and cognac tassel loafers. Within the myriad of loafers I own, this timeless model is a personal favourite and Herring’s version is superb: I especially love how their shade perfectly matches the waxed drawstrings, a small but beautiful detail. Finally, a shout out to Fabio Attanasio collaboration with Kàdor, whose exquisite handmade shades are nothing short of outstanding.

Details: waxed cotton parka by Our Legacy, cashmere cardigan by Annapurna 5+1, MTM vintage fabric button down shirt, twill pants by CAMO, tassel loafers by Herring Shoes, The Bespoke Dude by Kàdor 1962 sunglasses, vintage silk knit tie, socks by Ralph Lauren and cashmere scarf by Burberry.

Model and Styling: Miguel Amaral Vieira

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