Feb 21, 2014

Winter Escapes: The W Verbier (2014′s Trendiest Ski Hotel)

  The W Verbier is vying for the title of...


The W Verbier is vying for the title of world’s coolest ski hotel. This luxury ski accommodation in Verbier, Switzerland, would look at home in Manhattan or London more than it does in a rustic ski location, with its colorful graffiti art by a Berlin-based street artist. That said, the impressive design incorporates some elements of more traditional ski lodges, like exposed wood.

Some rooms feature a fireplace, balcony, and free-standing bath. Beyond the rooms, the hotel also focuses on dining, drinking and entertainment. The W has a resident DJ, who just happens to be a former model. She spins in all three of the hotel’s bars, one of which is an outdoor aprèa-ski bar. Not to be outdone, the food program is also top notch: Restaurant Arola features double Michelin-starred Catalan Sergi Arola and has a focus on small plates.

The W Verbier

Rates and reservations: http://www.wverbier.com/


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