Jul 07, 2015

Winston: The Best Watch to Travel With

Meet the only watch you'll ever need for traveling. The Winston includes an elegant leather case, perfect for holding your passport and watch, no matter where in the world you're headed.

I like to travel (who doesn’t). Getting to explore new cities, eat amazing food, drink all day (no, just me?), relaxing 100% of the time… Those aspects of traveling are clearly amazing, but my least favorite part about traveling is packing. I always have too much in my suitcase–I’m that person shuffling their suitcases around before their flight to get all my bags under the weight restriction. I just hate the feeling of being somewhere far from home and realizing that you don’t have that one shirt or that pair of shoes that you decided at the last-minute to take out of your suitcase (like an idiot). So I usually just load it all up and then I don’t end up wearing half of it and it’s a big exercise in futility. The one thing that I consistently forget about when packing is accessories. It’s hard to remember to pack 3 watches and 4 pairs of sunglasses when you’re in a rush to figure out what to wear that one night you might go to dinner on your vacation. Did I mention that I’m also a procrastinator and pack the night before I know, I’m like a cautionary tale of what not to do when traveling.

All of this to say that I’m beyond ecstatic about the new Winston watch. Not only is it gorgeous in a classically elegant way (the best kind), but it’s extremely versatile. The watch comes in three different options: silver case with a white face, rose gold case with a white face, and silver case with a black face. Each option comes with two straps so that you have the perfect watch to wear casually during the day (say when you’re running for the flight you’re about to miss because you were busy shuffling your excess clothing from one bag to another?), and a dressier strap option to take you into whatever more formal events you may have planned on your trip. No more throwing all your watches into that mesh zippered area of your suitcase as an afterthought too because they each come with a handy leather travel case that can also hold your passport and plane tickets (as well as the sharp Winston pen they include with it). It is the only watch you will ever need when traveling and for someone who severely struggles with the idea of packing for a trip, it’s nice to know that at least one decision will already have been made for me. Check out their Kickstarter project and secure your discounted watch package now.


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