Sep 30, 2015

Why You Should Start Growing Your Cold Weather Beard Now

If you’re lucky enough to live in a part of...


If you’re lucky enough to live in a part of the world where traditional seasons apply, you’re probably in the process of folding up your shorts and packing away your flip flops as summer starts to fade into the background. Fall is upon us and that’s a beautiful thing. Apple cider, the turning of the leaves, and, of course, pumpkin spice everything! No, but really, fall is great, however, it does act as a prelude to the most divisive of all seasons, winter. Sure, winter doesn’t start for another few months, but with it on the not too distant horizon, it’s time to buckle down and prepare the best way a man can, by growing out his beard.

As we all know, beards aren’t grown in a day, or even a week. They take time, patience, and resolve to achieve bearded greatness. However, many gents wait until they’ve actually reached freezing temperatures to start thinking about growing out a winter beard, rather than planning ahead. By starting today, you can avoid trying to play catchup come Thanksgiving and by New Year’s you’ll be basking in bearded glory, cheersing both 2016 and your beardsman prowess.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the different stages you’ll be facing (no pun intended) over the next few months as you set out on your winter bearded journey.

Day One

If you happen to be a rookie beardsman and opt for the completely shaven look than you’re probably at ground zero in terms of facial hair. Take a good look in the mirror and know that your face is going on vacation for a while and you might not be getting a good look at it for some time. To jump start the process, give your face a thorough wash and then sit back and let nature take its course. Welcome aboard, young squire.

One Week From Now

The scruff phase has arrived. If you’re like most men, you’re probably a little itchy. You’ve surpassed the “I swear I’m not on a three-bender” length and now you can almost see where this is going. You’re going to be tempted to start shaving a neckline and keeping your beard kempt, but try to resist. Until your beard is long enough to actually consider it a, well, beard, it’s best to go the natural route and just let your hair grow in whatever pattern it chooses to. Well done, you’re building up steam now.

One Month From Now

Hey Halloween! Your beard has now taken on a legitimate shape and you now look like a much different guy than before, most likely simultaneously more rugged and dapper. Of course, with everyone’s favorite day to dress up in costume upon you, your options for what to go as dramatically open up with your new bearded look. Enjoy it to the fullest. Now at this point you’ve most likely started performing routine maintenance on your beard, whether that’s by trimming down rogue hair on your cheeks or shaving a neckline to give your beard more clear definition. Whatever routine you’ve developed, keep it up, this is when your beard starts taking on a much more significant presence.


If this is your first time really letting your beard do its thing then Thanksgiving will be an interesting time for you. Depending on who you’re spending the holiday with, friends most likely won’t have much to say about your new look, but family, well, we all know how they can be, you will have some questions to answer and some commentary to internalize. Moms and grandmas might tell you that they miss seeing your handsome face or your nieces and nephews might want to play with your now hairier facial exterior, but simply indulge everyone and keep a smile on your mug. You’re a beardsman now, be confident in your actions and in yourself. Thanksgiving will prove that your new beard is definitely to your benefit as the weather turns and it’s only going to help more from here.

New Year’s

You’ve done it! Three months of being a beardsman under your belt and you’re now looking like a man who can handle himself in the new year, regardless of what 2016 throws at you. Your beard is now long enough where you should consider using a comb regularly, along with utilizing beard oil to keep it healthy during the dry and cold winter months. Additionally, you’ll need to develop some new skills for cleaning your face and learning to eat with your new found beardedness. Now, when you’re out for New Year’s Eve and everyone is talking about how cold it is, you can observe silently and give yourself a pat on the back, you did the unthinkable (or maybe just unlikely) and planned ahead. This moment was three months in the making, well done fellow beardsman. Well done indeed.

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