Jul 30, 2015

Why You Should Consider Having a Light Pre-Workout Meal

For many years you have heard from your parents and...


For many years you have heard from your parents and even nutrition experts that breakfast is the most important meal of the day; that is not true for athletes though.

The pre-workout meal is considered the most important meal for those who seek to reach the top of their physique. It determines how well you will be able to train and if you will be able to lose those extra calories or not.

The ideal pre-workout meal should help maximize your workouts while helping to rebuild and repair your muscle.

Do You Feel Bloated?

l-1 With many years of training, I have heard all kinds of bro’s science and unfortunately in the beginning I would listen to many of them.

One of the biggest mistakes I did on my early training years was to listen to some guys saying how important it was to have a big meal before the workout for muscle gain.

I would have a very big meal before I went to the gym and ‘surprisingly’ I couldn’t get the results I wanted.

I bet most of you have felt tired after filling your stomach with food right?

The reason for that is because your body will need more energy to digest the food and that will result in you feeling tired and bloated at the gym. Your body will focus in digesting the food you ate instead of muscle building.

Another thing that can ruin your training is actually fiber. I am sure you have heard that you need a high fiber diet, although that is absolutely true, it will hinder your training if you eat it right before your workout.

Fiber slows down digestion so you will end up feeling just as if you had eaten a big meal. Avoid eating oats, chia seeds. raspberries or anything that is high in fiber before training guys.

Best Pre Workout Meals

First thing you should think about is timing. Your pre-workout meal should be ingested at least 1.5 – 2 hours prior to training. That meal can be balanced just like your other regular meals with protein, fat and carbs.

The pre-workout meal is actually not a real meal at all. What I suggest you to do is have a fast digesting carbohydrate and protein.

The best way to achieve fast energy without compromising your training is to have a liquid meal. That will help you to get quick energy to your blood stream without having to go through a hard digestion process.

What I usually do is I have a shake with coconut water, fruits and protein powder.

pre workout shake


I have seen a huge difference on my workouts after I started following this method of a pre workout meal/drink. This is by date the best way to gain rapid energy without needing to rely on pills. The protein will help prevent muscle loss, the fruits will elevate your glycogen level and the coconut water will hydrate your body. What else you want?

What is the best method in your opinion to improve your workouts?

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