Oct 11, 2014

Why Travelers Will Love The Seiko Astron GPS Solar Watch

In collaboration with Seiko I sported the Seiko Astron GPS...


In collaboration with Seiko I sported the Seiko Astron GPS Solar watch as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #AstronElite, but all opinions are my own.

As a travel freelance writer and blogger, time zone changes can get annoying. I’m often good a changing my watch and phone when readying to take off, but I sometimes do forget and can get worried if I’m catching another flight in a new time zone and I forget about the time change. It happens when there’s just an hour difference, and while it usually gets worked out within 10 minutes or so, there’s really no need for the worrying to occur. Now with the Seiko Astron GPS Solar Watch, wearers don’t ever have to worry about remembering any time zone changes. Trust me, it came in handy for me when I was recently in Vancouver coming from Budapest.


Highlight features of the watch are that it can automatically recognize all the time zones on Earth through magic. Kidding, it does with time signals it receives from GPS satellites. The calendar on the watch is always correct since programed through 2100 (my gosh, what will the world be like then). Lastly, it is then not only powered by the sun, but powered by all types of light.


There are nine different styles of the new solar chronograph styles to choose from, and prices range from $1,825 to $3,300. It is a pricey style investment to make, but since it could literally last you your lifetime and then some, worth considering.

While in Vancouver I styled my Seiko Astron SSE017 watch for a day out in the city, and here’s a few extra preview shots before the post goes up later this month:



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