May 18, 2015

Yes, You Still Need a Sweater This Summer

Don't put away your sweaters just yet. Mr. Essentialist shows us how to layer them up this summer.


Generally speaking, sweaters are the best. Light and easy, they collectively form the backbone of my year-round wardrobe - mostly owed to the fact that I actually enjoy wearing them. What's more, everyone I know has a favorite, usually the kind that's nonchalantly thrown-on and otherwise forgotten about. Aside from ease, there's one particular reason as to why sweaters are so right, right now: The sweater is your new best friend at work, worn either as a sleek alternative to the blazer (especially over a collared shirt), or casually paired with a tee. And if all that wasn't persuasion enough to click here and grab a few yourself, know this: A classic crewneck works as an excellent barrier to the industrial strength, arctic air conditioners many of us are blasted by for hours on-end throughout summer. The season's essential indoor layer has arrived.

Crew Neck Sweater / Hogan • Shirt / Eton • Sunglasses / Garrett Leight California Optical • Trousers / Acne • Lace-Ups / Want Les Essentiels de la Vie • Photography / Justin Duplantis


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