Aug 06, 2013

Why Bucket Hats Aren’t Goofy

As I was mindlessly scrolling through listicle happy Buzzfeed, I...

mens bucket hats As I was mindlessly scrolling through listicle happy Buzzfeed, I happened to stumble upon an article called  22 Celebrities Inexplicably Wearing Bucket Hats and was completely baffled by it. While yes, some of those celebs look “goofy,” but it shows a major lack of menswear to not recognize that these are the hats of the season.

bucket hat culture

I won’t get into the whole history of the bucket hat in mainstream media. If you care, Complex has you covered on that. Most of what you need to know is that yes, buckets have been around for a minute, but became a must have accessory with the explosion of hip hip in the 80′s. Remember when LL Cool J actually rapped and had a matching Kangol for every outfit? Never forget!

bucket hat streetwear

Much like most things from the 80′s and 90′s the bucket hat has also made a resurgence. The movement can be attributed to rap’s upcoming heavyweights. Looking at you ScHoolboy Q, Joey Bada$$ & Earl Sweatshirt. On Buzzfeed’s list they included some of the aforementioned rappers as well as my personal style icon, Pharrell. (C’mon, Pharrell could never look goofy even if he tried.)

bucket hat fashion
[L-R] Rag & Bone | Moncler | Missoni | Craig Green

Don’t believe that the bucket hat is having a major moment? Just take a look at some of the men’s runway shows from the past 2-3 seasons for inspiration. (Trickle down or trickle up effect? You be the judge.)

mens bucket hats[Clockwise] New Era | Baily’s of Hollywood | Maharishi | Obey

Hopefully you should be convinced that the bucket hat is the way. Congrat, sir! (or madam.) Treat yourself to this realization that you should have had 4 months ago by buying one for yourself right now.

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