Sep 14, 2015

Who Says Backpacks Are Only For Weekends?

Casual-Smart is made for a reason. So let’s use it!...


Casual-Smart is made for a reason. So let’s use it! It has been a long time since the formal, old-school corporate look has merged with casual style. Even if you still work with a strict dress-code at office there are still some ways to break ( or let’s say ‘’bend’’) the rules silently.

First rule: If you are allowed not to wear a tie, you are allowed to wear anything. Just not sweatpants or a dirty t-shirt; but backpacks are ok. It’s the urban sophistication. There are many sleek & stylish backpacks you can wear to work. It can be practical, comfortable and chic if you get your choice right.

Here are some tips to make it work:
  • Keep your fabric choice high: Try leather or leather-like fabrics, sued, or canvas with leather details.
  • Keep it solid and muted colours such as black, grey, or beige. Navy is cool too.


15 Stylish Backpacks That You Can Wear at Work


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