Oct 27, 2014

Why Not Stay in Marina del Rey?

When you think of places to stay in Los Angeles,...

Marina del Rey from Above

When you think of places to stay in Los Angeles, you usually focus on a single part of town, be it glamorous Beverly Hills, scenic Ventura, bougie Silver Lake, or bohemian Venice Beach. Many tourists never even think of planning a truly comprehensive Los Angeles vacation, owing as much to the city’s notorious traffic as to the lack of a convenient, yet scenic place to stay. Downtown Los Angeles, in spite of its central location, isn’t the most charming place in Southern California.

Seaside Marina del Rey is not only overflowing with charm and beauty, but gives you easy access to everywhere in the Los Angeles area. You probably never thought of staying here – you might not have ever known it existed before now – but in many ways, Marina del Rey is the best place to stay in L.A.

In The Middle of Everything

You’ll get a sense of how convenient Marina del Rey is immediately upon arriving in Los Angeles – it’s just 20 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), even in traffic. Not that you have to drive to reach Marina del Rey: You can access Marina del Rey via a one-stop airport bus, and select hotels in Marina del Rey include free round-trip airport transport.

Marina del Rey’s proximity to the airport is only the beginning. It’s just a few miles down the coast from funky Venice Beach, and only a few miles farther from Santa Monica, home to one of Southern California’s most charming piers. Scenic Beverly Hills and iconic Hollywood are also a straight shot from Marina del Rey, which makes it the perfect hub for your inland adventures as well.

A Destination in and of Itself

Of course, Marina del Rey is much more than just a scenic place to base yourself in SoCal. Walk to Burton Chance Park just before the sun sets into the Pacific. There, you’ll enjoy one of the most amazing light shows anywhere – wisps of pink, purple, and orange paint the sky above the seemingly endless rows of yachts and sailboats.

Finish up your evening with dinner and drinks in Fisherman’s Village, where world-class seafood is but the beginning of the delights that await you. Or, hit the sack early, and take advantage of Marina del Rey’s namesake marina and rent a boat to explore the nearby Ballona Marshes, an unspoiled wetland ecosystem that’s literally minutes away.

A Better Vacation – and a Better Price

Marina del Rey is one of the most upmarket neighborhoods in Los Angeles, so it might surprise you to learn that many of the hotels here are priced below Los Angeles’s mean hotel rate, which was $156 per night as of 2012. In fact, the average budget hotel in Marina del Rey goes for less than $79 per night, to say nothing of the more than 1,000 Airbnb properties here – you can score an entire oceanfront home for less than $150 per night!

Whether your motivations for staying in Marina del Rey are more practical or esoteric in nature, you’ll be as delighted as you are surprised – who knew Marina del Rey was among the best places to stay in L.A.?

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