Dec 30, 2013

Where The Best Places Are To Shop For Male Grooming Supplies

When it comes to personal maintenance, most men are at...

When it comes to personal maintenance, most men are at a loss. While even the most low-key woman knows where to buy beauty and grooming supplies, men have a hard time figuring out what they need and where to get it. Marketing for these sorts of items is rarely aimed at men in ways that provide this information. Here are some good starting points for men who need help shopping for grooming supplies.


Online Stores


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The Art of Shaving Cream for Men


Online retailers stock items like shampoo, body wash, lotion and mens shaving cream at incredibly low prices. Additionally, depending on where someone lives, an online shop might be his only option when it comes to purchasing high-end or imported grooming products. There are a lot of high-quality brands that only have physical stores in major cities, so online shopping makes it easier to access those options.


Discount Department Stores


Stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s carry grooming products, especially during the holiday season. One cannot expect to do all of his shopping at these stores, since their stock is limited to products like high-end colognes that have value as gifts and are unlikely to expire. Boxed sets of celebrity fragrances and complementary lotions can be purchased for bargain prices year-round.


Specialty Stores


A man who wants to take good care of his skin and hair might have to venture into stores that typically only draw female customers. The Body Shop sells decanters of essential oils, which can be worn individually or combined in a personalized cologne. Kiehl’s sells some of the gentlest skincare products on the market. It is sometimes necessary to step outside of one’s comfort zone to find products that do not contain unnatural chemicals and harsh detergents. Men are not thought to care about these things, so there are very few wholesome skincare brands that cater to them. Many men see major improvements in their skin after experimenting with products that were originally formulated for women.




Anyone who has suffered from acne in the past should ask a dermatologist which products he or she recommends. The office might even dispense free samples. Some niche brands manufacture skincare products that are targeted at certain skin conditions. While a prescription is not necessary to purchase these products, some of them can only be purchased through a doctor. Some dermatologists have full skincare shops inside their offices.


1172 Where The Best Places Are To Shop For Male Grooming Supplies

The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream – Ocean Kelp


Before shopping for grooming supplies, one should think about what he wants to accomplish with those products. It is easier to shop when one already knows what his grooming needs are.


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