Mar 20, 2015

What I Wore: Transitional Spring

Shoes- Rockport | Socks- Mack Weldon We are in a...

Shoes- Rockport | Socks- Mack Weldon

We are in a month that can almost be considered spring but yet mother nature is not on the same page. One day the temperature is in the 50's and others in the 30's. Here's what I recommend for the slightly warmer days, the days you'd gladly venture out to the park and sit in the sun for your lunch break. The key is if you need to layer, make sure they are cotton so that they breath easier. If you like the look but it's a bit too cold add a blazer or denim jacket depending on how causal you want to look. Also, glad to say that for the first time I'm wearing a polka dot shirt! I'm slowly getting used to it so I wore a sweater on top of it so the polka dots are just showing every so. This is in a new venture for me and I'm taking baby steps. I'll show you the whole shirt in the near future, promise.

Shirt and Sweater- Threads For Thought | Jeans- Wrangler | Bracelet- George Frost

Photographer: Phillip Van Norstrand

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