Feb 12, 2015

What Does Menswear Mean in 2015?

What's the state of menswear these days? Speaking of Style breaks it down for us, from fashion geeks to ever-changing trends.

14-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style-08.jpg&w=710&q=95&a=tIf you’re just a casual fan of menswear, someone who’s visiting this site because my site fit the description of what you googled or someone who simply wants to learn how to wear Jordan’s (it’s how I get most of my hits on speaking of style), you need to know you’re now a part of a booming industry. While female fashion growth has stalled in terms of growth, menswear has boomed to become a billion dollar industry. In 2015, I will go as far as to say it’s mostly a norm for you to have an invested interest in clothing, fashion and style. Like anything, what menswear means now and how it was perceived when the #menswear movement first began is vastly different. With the industry ever evolving at such a fast rate, here are four characteristics that I feel define menswear in 2015.

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It’s OK to Geek Out About Clothes


One of the ways menswear has always differentiated themselves from female fashion was on the notion of quality, craftsmanship and details. We take pride in the construction of our suits; knowing every detail from the fabric, fit and construction to what kind of soft, french terry fabrics brands are using for our hoodies and sweatpants to the minor finishing details that go into our outerwear. Simply put, as much as we we like to look good in our clothes, there is a growing interest in how our favorite pieces are produced. It’s all well that a peice looks good, but menswear enthusiasts want to know all the nooks and crannies on how our favourite pieces are made.

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Menswear Is Opening Up


I don’t think there is a better time to be a fan of menswear than now. Back when menswear nerds first started to become a thing, the community felt rigid and there were strict guidelines. You were looked down upon if you didn’t understand the latest, lingo, abbreviations, and slang that comes with the culture. Today, things are a bit different. The air of pretentiousness doesn’t seem to be as thick as it use to be. You’re not scolded if you aren’t familiar with the “grail” brands or products. It’s almost as if the people who were running things – the higher up’s, influencers, editors and bloggers – finally realized if they wanted more money, more career opportunities, more clicks and retweets, the industry couldn’t just be a big circle jerk of well dressed men complimenting each other on stylish outfits. Menswear as a whole needed to accept more applicants to the club and from where it was in 2008 it has evolved a big way. You’re welcome to join the ever expanding boys club.

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No More Right or Wrong Answers


Back when I first started Speaking of Style, all the blog posts were surrounded around very generic and mundane menswear rules: “Don’t ever wear this” or “Never ever ever wear those pants with that shirt” or ”Baggy clothes are not stylish” were some of the not-so thoughtful posts that came from me during the early years of the blog. I can’t help but cringe when I re-read some of the posts from 2011 and 2012. Yes, menswear bloggers and editors are still handing out advice like it was free candy, but I like to think that men these days take the advice with a grain of salt. The blog is more guidelines than hardline rules largely due to the fact that menswear has grown and expanded to the point where there is not one dominant silhouette you can point to when it comes to menswear in 2015. You have men who are into a wide variety of styles: sartorial suits, sneakers, street goths, streetwear, Americana, European tailoring, high fashion, etc. How exactly can you take the advice from an online stranger, who has their own viewpoint of what he thinks is stylish when there are so many choices in menswear.

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Style Is Ever Evolving


Remember what you were into style-wise five years ago. Americana? Spread collar shirts? Sports coats? Take a look at what you’re that wearing now; it’s probably different, huh? Style of course is ambiguous (My favorite definition of style is from the guys at Street Etiquette), but what can’t be argued is that style is something that is constantly in motion and evolving. Style is not something stagnant. It’s ever changing, ever evolving with each experience, mood, taste, and travels.

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