Oct 13, 2014

What a good haircut is really supposed to do!

Every guy gets one… right? Somewhere, right now, there are guys...

Barber1 Every guy gets one… right? Somewhere, right now, there are guys describing their desired haircut to their barbers. And for good reason, because every guy wants their haircut to look good on them.

There are generally 2 schools of thought about haircuts…

  1. A haircut is supposed to compliment  your overall style.
  2. A haircut is supposed to dictate your overall style.

Personally, I side more with #1 because the average man typically has only two wardrobe styles – going out & work. Not to mention, for many there’s no “wiggle room” in their corporate dress code, so the hairstyle typically follows suit making the “going out” hairstyle fairly similar to the “work” version.

However, if you live in a city like mine – Los Angeles, you will see that #2 fits perfectly with say, the entertainment industry for example.

Whatever your position, your haircut is something you should be proud of. So make sure you wear it because it fits you, and not because you saw it in a magazine.



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