Feb 27, 2015

Is It No-Sock Weather Yet?

We're finally getting a glimpse of warm months to come...


We're finally getting a glimpse of warm months to come here in New York City and I can not be more excited. I've been so tired of having to plan my days around the weather and convincing myself that the cold isn't too bad today. It might not be no-sock weather quite yet but my ankles were screaming for some fresh air!

It's finally the end of the week so today I'm doing my usual weekend preparation routine... iced coffee to start, finish up the last bit of email catch up, and join in on the group messages with friends convincing each other that tonight is going to be EPIC! Attempting to lose some of the layers, I'm keeping it light with this wool sweater from A.P.C. and beanie combo. Just enough warmth for the stroll out of my building and across the street to my favorite bodega for my morning coffee. Happy Friday friends!

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Wearing: A.P.C. Wool Sweater [similar] | J. Crew Selvedge Denim | J. Crew Ludlow Penny Loafers | Gap Beanie | Kiel James Patrick Anchor Bracelet


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