Oct 29, 2014

Weather-Ready Wardrobe

Preparation is everything. Living in New York City, you have...

Preparation is everything. Living in New York City, you have to anticipate change. It’s one of life’s few guarantees and when it comes to city weather, the results can be unpredictable. We’re just getting settled into fall and from random showers and strong winds to brisk air, the transition to winter can be exceptionally difficult. Luckily, East Dane has a bevy of options for a well-stocked closet.
Colder temps make me value comfort all the more. That means thick soled boots, a good pair of sweats, a weather-ready parka, a cozy sweatshirt and the necessary accessories. For a quick commute, casual is definitely the way to go.

When I need something slightly more professional, I think of layers and functionality. The premium, of course, is being fashionable but style shouldn’t come at the cost of the sniffles. There’s nothing worse than pairing a great outfit with a nasty cough. For changing weather, I look to a nice topcoat with a blazer, a solid boot, tech pants that give me options for storage, great headwear, sartorial savor with a quality scarf and gloves to finish it off.

What would you need to complete your winter wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below.

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