May 14, 2015

A Man's Guide to Basic Skincare

Are you washing your face the right way? How about moisturizing and toning? And what the difference, anyway? The Marquis of Fashion breaks down skincare basics.

Photo by Victor Prado for Details, June 2014

Sometimes the difference between a pimply face and a clear complexion is proper cleansing, toning and moisturizing. When your skin is dirty it creates a film that prevents it from breathing. When pores are clogged, natural oil called sebum that is produced from within the pores, builds up and irritates your skin leaving a red dot… A.K.A. a zit. Regular cleansing done properly is important!

Do you wash your face day and night… but STILL break out or have a shiny face?

Simple solution. You’re skin’s pH balance is likely out of whack! pH is a number indicating the acidity or alkalinity level in your skin, and when you’re off kilter… you either produce more oil or dry up like a prune. A good pH level will ensure a regular and normal oil production rate throughout the day and is a big part in keeping you acne free.

Lastly, when your skin is dry, it signals your oil producing glands (sebaceous glands) to jump start their production of oil leaving you shinier and more oily than ever. This brings me my next important topic, moisturizing!

You may have heard that proper moisturizing can clear up acne. But how can ADDING a cream on my face hinder over productive oil production? Like I mentioned before, excessive oil can be caused by dry skin and over productive glands. These glands can be hyperactive because of other reasons too. Heredity and excessive hormones mostly, but let’s focus on the elements of skincare we CAN affect. Using a good moisturizer will signal your skin to stop producing oil because it’s hydrated enough. You wouldn’t buy your drunk buddy who just threw up a shot of tequila right? Same deal – your skin won’t produce more moisture when it knows you’re fully hydrated.

Product recommendations

Basic Men's skincare products
My favorite cleanser is called Aqua Power by Biotherm Homme (from their men’s line of products).

The Dr. Roebuck’s toner smells a bit odd but is 100% natural and gets your skin to that perfect pH level.

This is the super hero of moisturizers. I am blown away by the quality, texture and price of the Dr. Roebucks moisturizer called simply “Face.”

For more info watch this video showing you exactly how to do each step and a detailed description of the products I use every morning and night.

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