Jan 27, 2014

Walk On…

Socks can make or BREAK your outfit. Personally I love...

Socks can make or BREAK your outfit. Personally I love printed socks. Why? Well… 1) when you sit down they normally peak out from your pants & 2) they’re more fun than single colored socks!

Introducing Walk On… Socks With Sole. Founder Kevin Clerkin’s sock designs are based off the slogan “walk on..” Currently there are three pairs available (walk on the moon, walk on the wild side and walk on eggshells),. Bonus: brand fans can vote for what they want to “walk on” next. I just voted for “walk on broken glass” because the socks resemble a mosaic. Currently there is a Kickstarter campaign to help fund these beautiful feet accessories.

I can’t wait to wear mine!

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