Feb 04, 2015

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Regardless of how stupid or materialistic Valentine’s Day is to you, shut up and buy something close to what we listed below

If you are lucky enough to be involved in a relationship, or even dating someone long term then you are going to have to purchase or do something for Valentine’s Day. Regardless of how stupid or materialistic Valentine’s Day is to you, shut up and buy something close to what we listed below.

V-Day Gift Idea for Her

V-Day Gift Idea for Her

  1. Don't make picking out lingerie all about your taste. Pick out something that will make her feel just as sexy both inside and out.
  2. Jewelry is always an appreciated gift. Find something she doesn't already own more maybe in a different color or design. You can never go wrong with an eye catching bracelet, or a subtle necklace.
  3. Chocolate is a girl’s best friend, but since she has been consistent with her diet regular coco may not cut it. Aloha offers a great-tasting and high-quality nutrition chocolate bar that is packed with antioxidants and nutrients
  4. With notes of Florentine Iris, Rose and Egyptian Jasmine, Vetiver and Indonesian Patchouli, this perfume from Francis Kurkdjian offers a balance of sensuality and sophistication.
  5. For calming, detoxifying, and skin-softening baths Fig and Yarrow Floral Milk Bath is sure to ease her mind and body at the end of the night
  6. Sure everyone will be going out for dinner but being her personal chef is more romantic. The Plated.com team takes care of collecting all of the ingredients for a home cooked meal, while you handle cooking and washing the dishes.
  7. Look 50 Shades of Grey wasn't the best piece of literary work, but it may be on your partner’s radar. Suck it up and see the damn film.

V-Day Gifts Ideas for Him

V-Day Gifts Ideas for Him

  1. Madame Carven created her first fragrance Vetiver after her first, the new scent pays a respectful homage but with a modern presence. The well-arranged blend of woody, spicy aromatic notes allows the Pour Homme Eau de Toilette Spray to be the perfect scent for any modern day gentlemen.
  2. If being late is always an excuse for your man, buy him a stylish, minimalist time piece. We like this one from BroomeMercer, it is simple in design and easy enough to wear for any occasion.
  3. A man cave is nothing without a candle to compliment it. UrsaMajor Trailside candle has a good balance of nature notes mixed with cedar, spruce, sandalwood, mint and orange pairs perfectly with a glass of Whiskey.
  4. This “Gatsby” style bottle really represents the 1920’s era it was inspired from. Manhattan Moonshine’s prohibition-style, un-aged spirit may not have that full barrel flavor like most whiskeys, but it does give off a smooth, grain-forward complex taste that whiskey lovers still can enjoy.
  5. If your man is a cigar smoker and you pick this up for him, he will love you to death. Maybe that’s slightly false but it is worth finding out. This humidor from Bespoke Post holds up to 25 cigars and comes in an airtight cedar-lined interior and polished wood exterior.
  6. Not everyone can look as cool as Ryan Gosling in a pajama styled outfit. Honestly, we hate them. We recommend a versatile like a lightweight sweater from J-Crew and a pair of joggers from 2(x)ist for your man to either lounge around, run errands, or change into when we comes over during the week.


For Your Convenience

The high-quality and affordable lingerie line known as, Negative is spreading the love throughout NYC right in time for Valentine’s Day with, The Negative Love Stream. This mobile one-stop shop for all the things you need to make her smile. The gifts are pre-packaged and fall under $200 range.

If you are in the New York area you can find the Negative mobile shop cruising through to the following spots from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM:

  • Feb. 13th – Midtown East – (specifically near 53rd and Park and northern Grand Central Terminal on Park)
  • Feb. 14th – West Village + Meatpacking (specifically in front of Equinox on Greenwich Ave + in front of Standard Hotel + Chelsea Market)

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