Feb 21, 2013

Urb’s Style Notes On Wearing Layers

Back in the 80′s, ones coolness was measured my the...


Back in the 80′s, ones coolness was measured my the number of popped collar polo’s he could fit over top his swelled head. Today, layering has opened up to all sorts of fabrics, textures, and colors. As we head into the transition of Winter to Spring, layering can also take on a practical use, allowing you to regulate your body temperature through the means of either added or shedding articles of your outfit. If done right, you’ll look good no matter which stage of dress your in, and in order to do it with style, we’ve got a quick collection of style notes ready to guide you on this journey.

Tip 1: Layering needs to include three or more garments to create depth and interest. If you’re cold, throw something over top your shirt. If you want to look good in the process, add another layer.

Tip 2: Avoid oversize garments. The closer the item is to your body, the more important it is that it fit right. If you have a hard time finding shirts that compliment your torso, Shirts My Way is a reasonably priced option to getting a tailored fit.


Tip 3: Start light (fine), and work your way up to darker and heavier fabrics/patterns with more texture. Incidentally, the top layer does not always have to be a jacket. The element of surprise can be your ally when layering for effect (style).

Tip 4: You can layer multiple textures/patterns, so long as only one stands out more than the others. The same goes for color.


Tip 5: Contrasting and complimenting colors is the key to creating interest. If more than one color “pops,” it is probably too busy. The general rule, is that most of the patterns and colors should compliment each other, with maybe one surprise (if you’re feeling it). If you’re new to the color complimenting thing, check out this Kular app to give you an idea of the types of colors that play well together.

Tip 6: Multiple prints and stripes can be combined successfully. However, they mix best when they share at least one common color. You can never go wrong with black.


Tip 7: In life (and in your layering), you will have less chance of making a serious mistake if you keep your experimentation predominantly under wraps. In others words, feel free to get a little crazy with the bottom layers, while maintaining a solid color and foundation on the outer side.

Tip 8: Some days you just might say the hell with all these tips, and make up your own rules. If your confident enough, you’ll probably carry it off!


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