Mar 11, 2014


MANLY HELP (FT. OLD SPICE) Are you a man that...



Are you a man that has hair surfacing around your head and arm pit regions? Do these areas sometimes need a little extra help? Well, now comes the manliest of all man products, for your manly regions, of your manly body, from the manliest brand in man history- Old Spice. The company has included two additions to their already impeccably masculine line-up: the new Re-Fresh Body Spray and Old Spice Hair Care & Styling. But Isn't hair care for sissy men? That would be entirely incorrect my bearded friend, because there is nothing sissy about a majestic mane. Do you know what else is manly too? A body spray that lasts. We all remember the days of the past where the smell of body spray would disappear in minutes (unless you were that awful guy that sprayed the whole can in one go). Well those times are a thing of the past now thanks to Re-Fresh. Now you can smell great for hours, so you can spend less time focusing on how you smell and more time focusing on man things, like growing a moustache.

You can find Old Spice Re-Fresh and Hair Care & Styling at your local drugstore.

Photography: AMFS | Kaylee Slater


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