Jun 21, 2014

Universality in elegance: Finding that one perfect watch

Watches are a staple of elegance, an undeniable indicator of...

l1.611.4.52.2-1 Watches are a staple of elegance, an undeniable indicator of personal taste and attention to detail. They are timeless (pun intended) accessories and can truly express one’s personality and help improve his attitude.

As we stated in other articles, watches don’t have so much of a practical function anymore. Most people today have cell phones which they check for the time so having a precise time indicator around your wrist is not something that is very useful anymore.

Watches today have become more of an indicator of elegance, a reference to a set of values or to a concept that you adhere to. For example, Swiss watchmaker Longines, which we will be talking about later in this article, is known since 1832 for creating pieces that reflect ideas such as elegance, tradition and performance. They are known to express these values by not only the high-quality pieces they offer, but also for being an official timekeeper for sports competitions and world championships and their affiliation to such events, including the 2014 Soccer World Cup held in Brazil.


Technical aspects

There are a lot of technical aspects you need to focus on when purchasing a watch, such as the way it works, whether it’s waterproof or not, what materials it is made from and so on. These aspects can be easily checked with a salesperson and you can make the decision quite easily: you just need to overlapse those with your needs and possibilities and voilà, the palette of choices has already become narrower. It is easier to choose from a narrower array of watches than from a very wide one. Which brings us to our next point.


Style matters

longines_l2.766.4.52.3-sku-402866_usp_s_29409 In terms of style, there is a lot to choose from on the watch market. There are watches for any kind of setting and personality: casual watches, formal watches, sporty watches, golden watches, wooden watches and so on! If you decide that you need more than one watch, you should definitely go ahead and buy one for each occasion, in the end; your watch needs to be in tandem with your outfit and with the setting you are in. Remember that no matter how many watches you have, they need to be proportionate to your body size: men with larger body frames should opt for larger watches, while thin men should always choose a watch with a smaller watch face and a smaller band. This being said, we know that most people can’t afford to buy as many luxury watches as they would want due to financial factors.



Price range

Since watches are such a powerful indicator of elegance, you probably wish to have the best watch you can. And why shouldn’t you? This is why we advise you to make an investment and buy a watch that will go a long way. Watches made by great companies like Longines are probably more valuable than a car in terms of durability. You won’t buy one of those every day and their value won’t decrease by so much in time. The problem will probably consist in the fact that you won’t want to buy an expensive watch for every occasion, which is why you should go for one that versatile and universal.



A great watch is a watch that is durable, elegant, well-crafted and that can work with most outfits you will be putting on. Brands such as Longines do an amazing job at creating watches that are elegant, yet universal and which are an expression of style and creativity. We are going to be looking at some of their watches and we’re going to explain what you can learn from them and why we like them so much:


They are neutral yet they have a strong presence


Not many timepieces from the watch market can say that they are both neutral and that they have a strong presence. This is a balance that is quite hard to achieve, since the two characteristics are opposite. Neutral pieces shouldn’t normally stand out so much. We gave it a thought and realized that


neutrality + presence = subtlety


The fine lines of the watch, mixed with neutral colors and high-quality materials result in a piece that goes with most outfits, most settings and most personalities.


For their artful design

Longines men's watch


We know from centuries of art history that expressing beauty doesn’t happen at random. It is a hard process, in which many hours are being invested, but in the end, when everything has been learned and done, it’s the emotion and the dishevelment of the creator that lead to a masterpiece. This concept applies in fashion as well: after a piece is done according to all the rules and standards of quality, it is the fine touches brought by the choices made by the manufacturer that make the difference. Anyone can make a good watch, but it takes an expert to create a great one!


They are balanced




We learn every day that proportion and balance are the key elements to any creative process. Whether it’s your clothes, a musical masterpiece or a sculpture, proportion is what makes things look good, sound good, feel good and work well with us. Humans have an instinct for recognizing proportion: we don’t need to measure things to tell if they are harmonious or not, we can always appreciate something and enjoy it without having facts.

A state in which everything is in order is what you should be looking for when you are accessorizing your outfits or going shopping for new items. A refined timepiece should look simple, feel great on your arm and in the end… it should always indicate the right time.


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