Dec 02, 2014

Ungava Canadian Gin Review

Canadian Gin. That’s not something you hear too often, but...

ungava canadian gin Canadian Gin. That’s not something you hear too often, but the category has become more populated and more impressive in recent years. And here we are with a bottle of Ungava, a new gin that’s produced by Quebec-based Domaine Pinnacle. It’s comprised solely of Canadian-grown botanicals, but the most unusual characteristic of Ungava would be its color. Yellow.

Ungava gets that color from rose hips, one of six botanicals that also include: Arctic Blend, Cloudberry, Labrador Tea, Crowberry and Nordic Juniper. Those botanicals–along with a neutral spirit made from locally grown corn–combine to form a gin that’s uniquely Canadian and distinctly flavorful.

On the nose, Ungava Gin is soft and mildly sweet with notes of lemon and juniper. Drink up and the gin is soft and silky on the palate, with tart berries, herbs, floral notes and moderate juniper. It’s well balanced, and it finishes clean and dry with a hint of spice.

One look at Ungava Gin, and we expected something unusual that landed well outside the classic gin flavor profile. But Ungava is more traditional than it’s yellow hue indicates–those berry notes notwithstanding. So it looks more exotic than it tastes, but that’s okay, because it tastes good.

– 43.1% ABV
– $33

CE Rating: ★★★

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