Jul 22, 2014

Undercover (by Jun Takahashi) S/S 2015 Collection

Undercover hits us straight to the jugular (and eardrums) with...


Undercover hits us straight to the jugular (and eardrums) with a Spring/Summer 2015 collection that is one for the ages. The brand known for stating proudly "we don't make clothes, we make noise" produced a S/S 2015 collection that is loud, independent, bold, and very, very disruptive. Undercover's designer, Jun Takahashi (seen below) has a point of view that does not adhere to trends or what the industry thinks is cool - he delivers what he believes to be cool and Style.No.Chaser wholeheartedly agrees.

This collection does not fit into any predetermined boxes. There are bold graphics on trench coats and elongated hooded sweat shirts, distressed (almost art crafted) and ripped tight pants, tailored jackets, plaid tops, out-of-place beautiful short sleeved shirts, etc.

The work within this collection is edgy, street-worthy, cool and extremely individual. 'He who wears Undercover clothes', does not care what 'he who does not wear Undercover clothes' thinks. This is because, quite frankly, the latter is a better human being than the former. Hahahaha. All jest aside, this collection is very impressive in a refreshing and disruptive way that puts all the cards on the table and loudly yells "your move menswear industry". Our standout combination can be seen below - this glorious graphically explosive jacket cannot be ignored.

See slideshow above to see more from the collection.

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