Feb 17, 2015

How Gucci Makes Its Diamante Duffel

You can never truly appreciate the finesses and gratification that...

You can never truly appreciate the finesses and gratification that accompanies quality handmade goods until you’re enlightened by it’s making. The Gucci Diamante duffel is a prime example of such a product; an investment piece that will guarantee your return on investment and then some. A superiorly suitable travel bag that can with stand the test of time and travel is something every beau should have on his bag shelf and with Gucci’s expert Italian craftsmanship, you’ll always win.

The Diamante duffel is dubbed “a modern throwback” with a vintage-to-modern silhouette and Gucci’s signature motif print resurfacing from its original appearance in the early 30’s. The distinctive diamond-shaped patterns originally appeared on women’s handbags, but this year, the Diamante Lux Luggage line presents a range of carry-on baggage with the Diamante treatment including duffels, totes, briefcases, shoulder bags, messengers and wallets. The duffel stands at 12 inches in height, 18.5 inches wide, and 6 inches in depth. It’s also lined with two internal tech pockets and one padded pocket for your more delicate travel accessories with natural cotton lining.

Here we uncover a picture story on how Diamante duffel bags take life in the famed Gucci workshop. Get yours at Gucci.com retailing at $1,890.








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