Nov 29, 2014

Twelve Five Rye Review

The TL;DR on this is that it’s a good rye...

Twelve Five Rye Review

The TL;DR on this is that it’s a good rye whiskey. Especially considering it’s 2ish year age. What the team a Cedar ridge have managed to create is pretty darn tasty and the best part is that, gasp, they distill it themselves. What a concept! A distillery actually distilling their own whiskey so they don’t have to lie and double talk their way out of problems down the road. Who would have thunk?

I’m hoping to get to do some more of the Iowa products, but this being the one I get to start with I’ve got to say I’m quite impressed. Yes it’s a little youthful and bitey, but it’s also a nice high rye mashbill rye whiskey (compare to others who limp in at the min 51% rye). This gives it that spicy rye bite rye fans love and the sweetness from the high malt also acts as a nice ballast against the assertive rye giving it a sense of maturity you wouldn’t expect from something this young.

Twelve Five Rye Review

Batch: 131304-A

ABV: 47.5%
Age: NAS (min 2 years)
Price: $50*
Distiller: Cedar Ridge Winery & Distillery
Mashbill: 70% rye, 15% corn, 15% malted barley

Light caramel

Rye spice! Big and bold just the way I like it. The loud rye is quickly followed by notes of dill cinnamon, caramel, vanilla, pepper, leather and a light sweetness that seems to run parallel, and complimenting, to the loud barking rye. A splash of water opens it up and releases some nice light fruit notes and the vanilla becomes more like a vanilla taffy.

Again that rye comes barreling out and as a rye fan I love it! Dill, vanilla, brittle and a touch of citrus sit shotgun with notes of cinnamon, pepper and a wee bit o’ wood sitting in the backseat. A splash of water brings out some nuttiness, a hint of fruit and a bit more of the wood and vanilla taffy notes.

Long, powered by rye and accented by dill, vanilla, brittle and a light woodyness.

Great balance of rye, savory spices and sweet notes. Medium bodied, it’s smooth oily texture with a light bite it helps bring it all together.

Deep complexity comes with age, there is no way around it, but what these guys have been able to accomplish in just 2ish years is remarkable. They have a rye that is bold, doesn’t taste as young as it is and has a nice amount of depth to to it across the nose, palate and finish. Already being a daily drinker (not many young bourbons can hit that status), I can’t wait to see what a few more revolutions around the sun will do to this whiskey. It’s sure to be amazing.

SCORE: 86/100


*Disclosure: This was graciously sent to me by the company for the purposes of this review. The views, opinions, and tasting notes are 100% my own.

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