Oct 20, 2014

Tweed Blazer and Brogues

As per my recent Autumn inspired posts, here's another showing...

As per my recent Autumn inspired posts, here's another showing you
how I like to combine textures.
Here's what i'm wearing...
1: thick, wool socks from J.Crew
I await every season for new styles and color ways.
Just having a little fun and experimenting during shooting time :)
Single pant cuff to expose the socks slightly, and give the look a little added character.
Kept my color palette simple: browns, blues, and grey for transition.
Paired my vintage Topman brogues  with this Bar III coat from their current Carnaby Collection.
I love combining preppy and classic pieces to create a 
modern look, with a sleek silhouette.
Hmm, guess that's me in a nutshell!
I've had these brogues for about 5 years and they continue to get the job done.
They've aged fantastically, and I can't seem to find another pair with 
this particular color combo and detail.  These guys are one of the first pairs
of brogues I bought when I was discovering myself, and my personal 
style for that matter.  I hold these guys dear.

Jacket: Bar III, c/o
Shirt: Grand Frank
Denim: Duffie
Socks: J.Crew
Brogues: Topman
Bag: Will Leather Goods (similar hereherehere)
Sunglasses: ivory + mason

Mixing colors and textures is one of the best parts of Fall style.
My favorites are browns, tweeds, grays, and wools-
what about you?
What are your favorite combos for the season?

Share with us below, Gents!

Blake Scott

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