Nov 06, 2013

Tucking In – When Should You?

Written by Hucklebury: Growing up, I have vivid memories of...

Written by Hucklebury:

Growing up, I have vivid memories of teachers reprimanding me for not tucking in my shirt and my mom telling me from a tender age to tuck in my shirt to look smart and presentable. Well, this week, I finally decide to tackle this topic head on to find out what and when should you tuck in or tuck out your (t)shirt.

tuck out tshirt 279x300 Tucking In   When Should You?The Tee (TShirt) – Tuck it?

Short answer – No.

This is as casual as it gets. Feel free to keep it tucked out. Not to say that it cannot be tucked in – but unless it is very form fitting and long to a point where it shows off the shape of your ass, you will probably look better tucking it out. Just because it’s casual though, don’t forget about wearing well fitting clothes – which includes your tee! Wearing a loose t shirt that billows and passes for a nightie due to its length is a no-no!


Tucking In The Polo Tee?

tucked in polo jack nicklaus golf 261x300 Tucking In   When Should You?

Short Answer – Depends.

Polo tees can be tucked in or out depending on a couple of things. Being a mainly casual item, the same rule as the t-shirt applies. If it is short and well-fitted, then by all means, leave it tucked out. If it is a longer polo-tee, where it crosses your hips in length, tucking it in to look sharper is highly recommended.

Need inspiration for polo tee style? The sporting arenas of gentlemen provide a good barometer – from the golf course and cricket grounds to the rugby pitches. You would rarely see Jack Nicklaus with his polo tucked out. The rugby shirt though tends to get untucked more often.


Shirts – To Tuck Or Not To Tuck?

Short Answer – Depends.

A dress shirt with a long shirt tail? Definitely tuck it in. Wearing a button down to the office? Tuck please! A casual shirt that fits well and does not go past your hip can be tucked out. Also, it depends based on what you are wearing below (find out about different pant styles and what works where). Even in a casual setting, if you decided to wear dress pants – tuck in your shirt man!

button down tuck in or tuck out Tucking In   When Should You?

half tuck casual shirt 150x150 Tucking In   When Should You?



However, jeans are considered casual wear and an untucked button-down will not cause raised eyebrows. If you have trouble deciding – go for the half-tuck as shown below for the casually undecided look.



So there you have it, a tuck-in guide that covers pretty much all bases.Oh, and a word on style – if you are tucking it in, be sure to wear a belt (not sure about a belt? find out about a man’s belt) to complete your smart look.

Now then, go ahead and take your momma’s advice – tuck it in!

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