Jun 25, 2013

True Blue: Calvin Klein Men Spring 2014 At MFW Runway

Presented at Milan Fashion Week over the weekend, the Spring...


Presented at Milan Fashion Week over the weekend, the Spring 2014 Calvin Klein Collection was described by Men’s Creative Director Italo Zucchelli as a “celebration of summer.” The line featured pieces with an “athletic spirit and a range of brilliant blues.”

Yes, blue indeed was the made color scheme. Navy, sky, royal, capri, and cerulean blue, all are included and used either with a focus of one color for the entire outfit, or mixed together—with few Spring 2014 looks including white, black, and reds.

Articles included cuffed slim pants, sleeveless leather vest, monochromatic tees, bomber jackets, pullover and zipper sweatshirts with block color pattern, blazers, and snap shirts, among other things.

See the spectrum of colors and clothing below:

calvin-klein-spring-2014-mfw-blue-1 calvin-klein-spring-2014-mfw-blue-2 calvin-klein-spring-2014-mfw-blue-3 calvin-klein-spring-2014-mfw-blue-4 calvin-klein-spring-2014-mfw-blue-5 calvin-klein-spring-2014-mfw-blue-6 calvin-klein-spring-2014-mfw-blue-7 calvin-klein-spring-2014-mfw-blue-8 calvin-klein-spring-2014-mfw-blue-9 calvin-klein-spring-2014-mfw-blue-10 calvin-klein-spring-2014-mfw-blue-11 calvin-klein-spring-2014-mfw-blue-12 calvin-klein-spring-2014-mfw-blue-13 calvin-klein-spring-2014-mfw-blue-14 calvin-klein-spring-2014-mfw-blue-15

Photos via Calvin Klein (visit the brand’s Facebook page for the full runway line up)

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