Jan 07, 2015

Trends That Will Continue in 2015

Here are some trends that I believe we will continue to see in 2015.


Firstly, let me start the conversation by saying that I do not usually follow trends. Not because I think I am too cool, and not because I think that trends are bad. In fact, I believe that trends are a good thing. Trends keep fashion fresh, exciting, and allows true fashion lovers to experiment with new styles and garments that they might not have been exposed to before. However, one of the main reasons that I do not follow trends is because my body type isn't the typical body type (slim and tall) that most designers cater to. Therefore, most trends just do not look as good on me as they would look on a model or someone you might come across while shopping in Soho. Also, I just rather not spend money on things that I might end up regretting a couple months later. However, with all of that being said, there are some trends that came about last year that I definitely appreciated. So, here are some trends that I believe we will continue to see in 2015.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots became extremely popular last year, mainly due to fashion influencers like Kanye West (seen in the featured photo). As a result, every major fashion house created their own version of the elastic side panel boot. In fact, chelsea boots provide guys with a dressier footwear alternative, and by swapping a pair of sneakers or timbs for a pair of chelsea boots, you can easily upgrade your outfit and in most cases your entire wardrobe.

Long Coats

Wearing longer coats is another trend that was made popular by Kanye West. Hence the reason, GQ magazine awarded him with the Most Stylish Man of the Year Award. Wearing a longer coat is another piece that can instantly improve one's outfit, as long as the silhouette and overall fit is flattering. Now although, longer coats like a trench or top coats are already deemed as " menswear essentials", I believe Yeezy made it cool for guys to wear longer formal outerwear, more casually.


Wearing fedora hats was a trend that I believe was made popular by Theophilus London and Pharell Williams. In fact, during the past couple of years we have seen a resurgence in guys wearing wide brim hats and bidding farewell to snapbacks and fitted caps. However, one thing about the fedora trend that I could do without was the fact that anytime a guy wore one, they were instantly associated with Pharell. Similar to when a shooter pulls up from three and yells out Kobe. On the other hand, hats are a great accessory and sometimes can be the perfect finishing touch for almost any outfit. Just keep in mind, like most trends, fedora's do not look as good on everyone.

Made-to-Measure Clothing

Lastly, made-to-measure clothing have become very popular in the past couple of years due to online made-to-measure companies like Tailor4less and lifestyle boutiques like Bureau. In fact, this trend has been great for the menswear community in general because it allowed guys to purchase affordable clothing that fits much better than off the rack clothing. Also, since bespoke suits do not fit in most guys budgets, made-to-measure is the next best option of having something feel custom made.

I only discussed four trends, but please feel free to join in the conversation by adding any other trends that you hope to see continue in 2015.

As always, thanks for reading!

Akil McLeod

The Dapper Advisor

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